Team & Partners

Hi! I am Kria Djoyoadhiningrat and always happy to help to advance your dreams! Listening and looking first, I try to understand you and your circumstances. Using my drawing, modeling and storytelling skills I will combine all the input into a cohererent concept.

Hoping to stimulate your imagination, we together explore to what extent this will empower you towards your aspirations. If there is still room for improvement? We go at it again, until you’re as happy as I am!

I am one of the three founding partners & Architect, graduated in 2008 at the Faculty of Architecture of the TU Delft.

Find my c.v. and network at:

We share a space with two architecture offices, Studio Carree and NDRVN Architectuur, and an architecture historian Lotte Zaaijer at our co-working space Studio In Vorm.  Our desks are fitted on an exercise bridge for walking that is testimony to its former function as a clinic for physical therapy. Still the wing our space is in, is used as senior housing, with the other wing turned into youth housing. This comes together in the central restaurant and reception hub, initiated and managed by Socius.

Studio ROSA is one of the founders of SLUMFIGHTERS international. There is unfortunately no tropical country we are active in, that does not struggle with slums or informal settlements. In line with our strong point of participation, SLUMFIGHTERS works with inhabitants and other stakeholders alike to set up the agenda first, before rushing to solutions. We are convinced design alone will not help in a sustainable way. So we partner with the international network of professionals in legal, social and financial realms that SLUMFIGHTERS is:

Our trusted partner, and root of our successes in Senegal has been Senegal Real Estate from day one. We worked on several initiatives and realized our first project in Thiès. With unrelenting spirit we continue to work with directors Mamadou Diawara and Mariola Meyer and are looking forward to bring you more good news: