Tourist Training Centre Peru

The restaurant has been open since april 2019, welcoming people from nearby Ayacucho to faraway Netherlands.

See the past construction process:

Pictures 24 september 2018
Pictures 28 august 2018

Participatory Design Process

We are honored to support Mama Alice Peru in realizing this training centre in Quinua. It will not only benefit the youngsters of Mama Alice and empower them to gain their independence. We have made the design together, we will build it together and we will run the training centre together.

The choice for Quinua it is very symbolic. The the small village of Quinua, with a dynamic community of artists, independent spirits. But it was here that Peru fought for its national independence. And on the pampas of Quinua is where the independence was won!

At just 5 minutes walking from the central plaza of Quinua lies the beautiful terrain of the training centre. With them we looked at the terrain, and explored the possibilities of the landscape. In this building the cooking will be done and you can have a delicious meal. But most activities will be outdoors.

As you can see, we are using local materials and techniques, like the mud bricks that we will make ourselves. The wood and tiled roof are also typical here, so people have the expertise of making something like this. We are almost at 4 kilometers above sea level, importing stuff would cost a lot of money and energy.

Why don’t you come in? Here at the reception you will be greeted by one of the boys or girls that you just saw. Some of them suffered from domestic violence, got pregnant very early or got addicted to alcohol or drugs. Together with Mama Alice they decided not to give up. These boys and girls took English classes and some even speak a couple of words in Dutch. Here you can book your reservations for mountain bike trails that were explored by them as well, or continue to the restaurant.

Come down here, you can already see Robinson preparing the delicious meal through the glass door here. On the right side is a showcase of the artwork that is made by the Mamitas. They are teen single moms that get together and support each other while making the artwork. You support them when you buy here, but you can also find them online.

Ah, here you can see the dishes that are served today. It is wonderful to see how Robinson is given the opportunity to show his skills and his love for good food. With his history on the street he doesn’t get so many opportunities. While he is very bright and also helped to figure out what the design should be like. And he wasn’t alone.

Many of his friends from the streets that are now in better shape, helped with the design. We camped overnight and really needed that campfire, because it can get chilly this high up in the Andes. That is why everyone insisted on the fireplace, right between the bar and the restaurant.

Here in the dining room area visitors are welcome to get a taste of the finest food Peru has to offer, while looking over the valley towards Ayacucho. You can choose a chair that will have your name on it. The guys from the carpenter’s workshop will have a lot of work to be done! Did you know that Robinson prepared your delicious meal on stainless steel tables that were even welded by his friends?

When we go outside we get to the terrace. From here you can enjoy a full panorama of the whole valley. And also see the further development of the training centre. The outdoor climbing forest is there already, but a language school is also planned down there.

Thank you for exploring our project for the training centre, but I imagine you’re hungry. May we serve you a delicious meal? Will you empower the youngsters of Mama Alice to gain their independence?

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