Mission & Vision

What? Studio ROSA is a fresh and multidisciplinary design collective. Out of inspiration and irritation we give precise and fitting answers at all scale levels. That can be large urban development strategy, interior design or both. We believe, that “Good ideas are good ideas, wherever they come from.” 

How? Each problem is approached by listening and asking questions first. Together with you and together with any other stakeholder that impacts the result.  In a cyclic process of informing, analyzing, generating and discussing, we grow and adapt the design organically.

Where? Our specialty is sustainable tropical construction. We like to work in a hot and humid climate. But on top of that we simply love to work with the people that live in tropical countries. We speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, but also Dutch, Wolof and Swahili.

Take a look at our projects to see what we mean, and approach us to find out for yourself!