FFB House Bilthoven


In a time of a ‘greying’ population, more people are getting older, while not as much children are born. Staying independent becomes a real challenge in most typical Dutch (row)houses. They usually come with stairs and people soon need assitance to reach the upper floors. Most people are not ready or willing to move to a full-service flat. This would answer to basic needs, but leave little room for personal expression and autonomy.

The FFB house is a series of rooms, arranged from most public to most private.  You enter in the entry hall, living room, kitchen & diningroom, study, to arrive at bedroom with bathroom at the far end. Every room has just as good a view over the garden and the neighboring forest. A stair to the upper floor gives access to guest rooms, either for family and friends, or for short stay rental.

The FFB house is a solution for people who are growing older and would retain their autonomy in life, spatially, socially and financially.