Estadio do Povo Sao Paulo

There is a battle in court and on the streets between two worlds: favelas and ‘Tarmac’. The inhabitants of the favela have access to the land, while the owner holds the official title. We were having fun, while many were suffering. And now the fun has finished. But they have never stopped fighting and are suffering! People live in crowded neighborhoods where there is little hope. Does sport have to lead to conflict?

Or can sport lead to love and life?

Estadio do Povo

In times of conflict sport fosters peace, tolerance and understanding. We want to spread these qualities of sport by implementing it in the city. We work a team, where both inhabitants and landowners participate.

The participation process is open and transparent, so all teamplayers can see their own benefits and the benefits of their teammembers. The inhabitants will optimally enjoy new benefits, like a safe and nice home with fresh air, open views and sunshine. Many slums already have a place like that: the sports field.

We will give sports the place in the city it deserves and spread the joy that sport brings. The holy ground (football field) that was held free by the inhabitants gets official recognition. This will ensure that generations to come will be able to keep playing.

Sport is an essential element in a beautiful city where REALLY EVERYBODY is welcome. While supporting the sport you love, you give support to those who need it. That is cool for your karma too.

Who is it for?

We are looking for people that like to have fun, promote and enjoy sports and look for new experiences. But also find it a challenge to include the people living in slums worldwide to enjoy the game too.

Triangle of conflict

Estadio do Povo triangulates three different stakeholders. The government want to deal with the poor living conditions in slums. The inhabitants want to make a living. And sports fans want to enjoy sports. Estadio do Povo integrates the stakes of these seemingly adversaries into a unified team effort.


Estadio do Povo uses the existing fields that came into being as a starting point. On that field we will organize a big event: a COPA DO POVO. Famous (former) players will team up with you and compete with other teams to play, have fun and for eternal glory. In preparation of the game, we put seats around the field, so that everyone can admire the athletes performing. The floor of the stands for the seats can function as a roof for whatever purpose. Wouldn’t it be nice to involve the inhabitants around the field?

The inhabitants can participate in the design process, where we both design the sightlines of the seats for the stadium, while offering space to the uses they need: housing, places to work, schools and health clinics. Like said before, the floor of the stadium becomes the roof for the inhabitants, and the roof of the new clinic can be the floor of their homes. With this support, the inhabitants can afford a home that fits their needs and is officially recognized.

The spatial improvement and the optimal balance between density and urban quality will open spaces and the possibility to continue this spatial improvement too. You can help to leverage the startup of Estadio do Povo. The development is self sustaining and even a fair amount profitable. The profits and repayment will go back into a revolving fund that takes the improvement to the neighbors.