Villa N’Fally Bodian Casamance

The old family house

The brothers and sisters of the N’Fally Bodian family still own their parental home in the Senegalese province of Casamance. Having flown out since the house was in a bad shape.

From the desire to keep connected to their roots, and give something back to their birth place, they decided to build a house where they could gather the whole family. With various rooms for sleeping, eating, meeting and relaxing. Both enclosed and private, as well as open to the surrounding natural beauty.

December 2016:

The core of the house on the ground floor, receiving light from above.

February 2018:

Looking out over the jungle canopy in Casamance
Meet the tallest building in town

May 2018:

Reflecting the jungle canopy
There is light at the end of the hallway