IFHP Housing Refugees

from left to right: Kria Djoyoadhiningrat, AnneSophie Hansen, Hugo Priemus, Vivian Kreft, Vera Kreuwels, Thomas Knorr-Siedow

Studio ROSA was part of the IFHP think tank about the challenge to Housing Refugees. In a series of sessions in Deventer we outlined the three themes:

  • Housing & Integration
  • Housing Policy & Affordable Housing Allocation
  • Zoning & Planning Regulation

Those themes defined 7 consideration that define what should be done when Housing Refugees that works for all involved:

1. Housing Pathways
It should be considered that housing and integration
services are combined in a ‘pathway’ approach.

2. Matchmaking
It should be considered that matchmaking solutions
could better respond to both refugees and municipalities’

3. Housing Policy
It should be considered that a multi-agent approach
is adopted to honour diversity in policy-making.

4. Affordable Housing
It should be considered that when providing permanent
accommodation the demographic of the
existing population should be taken into account.

5. Planning regulation
It should be considered that planning regulations
allow for a certain degree of plasticity and flexibility
within both spatial planning and housing regulation.

6. Reallocation of zoning
It should be considered that planning zones are
reallocated to enable the increased provision of
affordable housing.

7. Associated building regulations
It should be considered that associated building
regulations can be met under a phased programme.


click image to download the full report (pdf)