Quinua, Peru: Tour the Tourist Training Centre

To support the running crowdfunding campaign by NGO Mama Alice, we visualized the design of the Tourist Training Centre. Now you can see how we link the various aspects: using local materials, using local labor, stimulating existing skills, creating cashflow, benefiting from the landscape, including the various stakeholders in the design and creation process.

Come and take a look!

Project page: https://studiorosa.eu/projecten/tourist-training-centre-peru/

Opening Residences Blue Thiès, Senegal

The new Residences Blue was opened with presence by the municipality of Thies by: Talla Sylla and Alioune Sow.

After a period of mid-term rental for expats working at the local Dangote Cement factory, the building was redecorated and made suitable for short-term rental / hotel use. Extra bathrooms and new furniture were fitted into each apartment.

See the result on the local broadcast network Thiès24:

International Exploration research in Rwanda completed

Olive explaining the impact of proper housing

Studio ROSA collaborated with Urban Sustainability Rwanda in this exploration. They had as goal to get attention to the importance of urban planning and policy. Specifically about the interaction between participation processes and top down aproach, involving stakeholders, using local sources and expertise and improving the relation between politics, technology and design.

The exploration consisted of a series of workshop in the Netherlands and Rwanda, with an area in Kigali as cast study.

The project will continue, and here you can read the evaluation of the proceedings so far: http://stimuleringsfonds.nl/toekenningen/internationale_verkenningen_2015_towards_participatory_urban_design_and_strategic_planning_in_rwanda/

Studio ROSA wint prijsvraag ‘Architect en Ondernemerschap’!

Eigenlijk omdat we de enige waren die een passend antwoord gaven op de opgave: Hoe stel je jezelf ondernemend op als architect? Zeker nu er crisis is?

Vol spanning mochten we ons verhaal pitchen en de uitslag van de jury afwachten… En met succes! Maar uiteindelijk natuurlijk te bizar voor woorden dat andere teams zich nauwelijks buiten de bekende bewoordingen en beweegredenen van ons vak hebben weten te begeven…

Lees hier meer over de uitslag: